How to increase followers on Instagram

Instagram is a powerful social media platform that can help you enhance your personality and business. But increasing followers is not a common thing. Here we are telling you some suitable methods which will help in making your Instagram profile special.

1. Useful and entertaining content:

Your posts should prove to be useful and entertaining. People like to share such content more, which will increase your reach.

2. Use of trendy hashtags:

By using trendy hashtags you can make your post reach more people. This will promote your profile and increase followers.

3. Join the conversation:

Interacting with your followers will encourage more people to view your profile.

4. Contests and Events:

By organizing contests and events you can attract people and increase your followers.

5. Collaborative and organized hashtags:

Using hashtags in a collaborative and organized manner will get your posts seen by more people and increase followers.

6. Natural and candid photos:

Natural and candid photos will help to attract your followers and make your profile more attractive.

7. Regular updates:

Regular updates give your followers a chance to learn more about you and encourage them to view your profile.


Increasing followers on Instagram is not easy, but if you use the above methods, you can increase the reputation of your profile and increase followers. Remember, advocacy, communication, and useful content are always powerful ways to increase your followers.

How to increase followers on Instagram (FAQs)

1. How to increase followers on Instagram?

  • Share useful and entertaining content in your posts to increase followers. Make sure your hashtags are trendy and organized.

2. How do hashtags work?

  • Hashtags keep your posts on related topics and help more people reach your posts.

3. How to organize with followers?

  • Respond to your followers’ messages to connect with them and build professional and personal relationships with them.

4. How to organize competitions and events?

  • To organize competitions and events, organize competitions or events on a particular topic and promote the competitions.

5. Should a specific time be chosen to increase followers?

  • Based on personal experience, Monday to Friday evenings or Saturday-Sunday generally give better results. But this may vary depending on your build or rights.

6. Should we resort to advertising to increase followers?

  • Yes, by using advertising on Instagram you can expose your profile to more people and increase followers.

7. Is it necessary to be active to increase followers?

  • Yes, by regularly updating posts and responding to followers’ messages, your followers will continue to follow your profile.

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